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Vintage SPEARS Draughts Set Stout Board and HARDWOOD Draughtsmen VGC Complete

Vintage Draftsman Set

Old antique vintage boxed 1930's bakelite interlocking Draughtsmen draughts set



K E Draftsman Set

Antique draftsman tool set Eugene Dietzgen Co trademark

Drafting Draftsman Drawing Set Board Guide Manual Training Course PC CD

Vintage Draftsman Set Complete Dietzgen Germany DWM

SET OF DRAUGHTSMEN AND BOARD Vintage Spears House Martin

Vintage Charvoz No. F851Z Draftsman Set 1 piece missing

Vintage K E Draftsman Set


The Original Draftsman Multi Purpose Rolling Ruler Set
click for Full Info on this The Right Set
The Right Set
From stately lawns and gentlemen players to Andre Agassi and Venus Williams: 65 great writings on tennis that chronicle the transformation of the sport. Since its inception, tennis has embraced traditions more patrician than plebeian. But times--and tennis--have changed. The game once reserved for royalty has moved from estate lawns to the concrete courts of the city. Old guard amateurs have given way to prodigies plastered with corporate logos. And while barriers of gender, race, and class have been shattered, the modern plagues of self-promotion, the paparazzi, and challengers of ever-escalating talent loom large. In The Right Set , award-winning novelist and editor Caryl Phillips presents a collection of writings on the remarkable evolution of a gentleman's pastime into a sport of jet-set players of athletic and psychological genius. Here are the stories of champions, from the Renshaw twins to "ghetto Cinderella" Venus Williams. Here, too, are volleys between tradition and innovation--debates on everything from etiquette and earnings to Andr Agassi's rejection of the customary tennis whites. Insightful, informative, wonderfully entertaining, The Right Set is as colorful and surprising as the game itself. John McPhee on Ashe vs. Graebner David Higdon on Venus Williams James Thurber on Helen Wills Martina Navratilova on Bad Losers Martin Amis on Smashing the Rackets and more From the Trade Paperback edition.
click for Full Info on this Sabotage on the Set
Sabotage on the Set
Sean gets his chance at stardom, but a Hollywood jinx stands in his way A movie is being filmed in Redoaks, and Sean Quinn wants to be a part of it. The movie is called New Guy in Town , and it stars famous child actors Dakota Wayne and Justin Moore. The director needs someone to serve as Justin's stand-in on the set, and when he sees Sean, he knows he's found the right boy. Sean may not end up on screen, but he is going to be part of a movie! That is, if the movie ever gets made. Hollywood insiders have been whispering from the start that New Guy in Town is jinxed. The production moved to Redoaks after fires, theft, and injuries derailed the original attempt to film in Hollywood. And as the filmmakers try to get back on track, the jinx keeps rearing its ugly head. To make sure he gets his shot at the big time, Sean and his brother Brian will have to find out who's behind the accidents before the cameras roll.
click for Full Info on this Set in Darkness
Set in Darkness
On the eve of the first Scottish parliament in three hundred years, Edinburgh is a city rife with political passions and expectations. Queensbury House, the home of Scotland's new rulers, falls in the middle of John Rebus' turf, keeping him busy with ceremonial tasks. That quickly changes, however, when a long-dead body is discovered in a Queensbury House fireplace, a homeless man throws himself off a bridge - leaving behind a suitcase full of cash - and an up-and-coming politician is found murdered. The links between the three deaths lead Rebus to a confrontation with one of Edinburgh's most notorious criminals, a man he thought he'd put in jail for life. Someone's going to make a lot of money out of Scotland's independence - and, as Rebus knows all too well, where there's big money at stake, darkness gathers.
click for Full Info on this Set Theory
Set Theory
This textbook gives an introduction to axiomatic set theory and examines the prominent questions that are relevant in current research in a manner that is accessible to students. Its main theme is the interplay of large cardinals, inner models, forcing and descriptive set theory.The following topics are covered:? Forcing and constructability? The Solovay-Shelah Theorem i.e. the equiconsistency of every set of reals is Lebesgue measurable' with one inaccessible cardinal? Fine structure theory and a modern approach to sharps? Jensen's Covering Lemma? The equivalence of analytic determinacy with sharps? The theory of extenders and iteration trees? A proof of projective determinacy from Woodin cardinals.Set Theory requires only a basic knowledge of mathematical logic and will be suitable for advanced students and researcher
click for Full Info on this A Set of Six
A Set of Six
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Set of 4 Vintage Industrial Toledo UHL Draftsman Stool Machine Age Chair 1940s, Shagreen Cased Draughtsman Set Circa 1860, Draughtsman set drawing vintage boxed Thornton over 15 piece matching military, Set of 4 Vintage Architect's Engineer's or Draftsman's Weights Lead , CASED VINTAGE GERMAN TECHNICAL DRAWING COMPASS SET DRAUGHTSMAN FW BRENSING, STANLEY LONDON ENGINEERS SURVEYORS DRAUGHTSMAN SET OF 7 SCALE RULES LEATHER CASE, QG32 THE DRAUGHTSMAN'S CONTRACT PETER GREENAWAY Lobby Set Spain, Vintage Draughtsmen One Set By J L. Randall LTD., Teledyne Post Draftsman Set 38JG 120 in Original Case, The Draftsman Teledyne Post 38QE Mechanical Drawing Set, 1950 60'S MERCHANT GAMES THE DE LUXE SET OF DRAUGHTSMEN BOARD, VINTAGE c1970s DRAUGHTSMEN COMPLETE PIECE SET BOXED BY SPEARS GAMES,

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