How to Refurbish Your Old, Classic Vintage Car

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Vintage Antique Hand Tool - Does anybody know what this is?... or what it was used for?

Anybody recognize this old hand tool.

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Refurbishment of whatever sort is an exceptionally challenging and time intense job. It sure enough does have benefits though. The renovation of a vintage car requires whole lot of dedication and persistence. It's an elongate task that could take ages to accomplished therefore you certainly must bear a lot stamina. This is the type of job that's ideal for a small group to do collectively. Having additional hands could facilitate the task significantly as it will accomplish more fashionable in far less time. In that respect there is a good deal involved in the renovation of vintage automobile but it's not without the rewards.

When it comes to substituting or renovating parts for your vintage auto, look for places that stores aged cars or the parts from them. There are numerous sites like this that particularize in the assemblage of cars when they are tossed away. This is always a safe place to get cracking in your search for parts for your project. Do a Google search for those that are situated in your region. Call around and ask if they've anything that fits the make, year and model of your vintage car.

If you're really new in car refurbishment then maybe you'd be interested in having a professional to assist you on certain jobs. This type of service can get expensive so browse around for the best price possible. Many of them will only agree if they are taking on the complete job, not merely part of it, therefore keep this in mind.

Don't make the error of cutting corners while reinstating a vintage automobile. Acting everything the most inexpensive way might not be the finest idea. Not only do you want the car to look cracking once it's completed, you also want it to operate properly. Utilise quality parts that are intentional for use in that type of vehicle. It could spare you a whole lot of trouble and fixing costs. It also doesn't harm to consult a few useful tips online for handling matters like rust removal. You will be able to learn plenty of ways to economise time and money.

Try to keep everything as original as feasible. There may comprise some parts used on the car that are not as aged as the automobile is but when it comes to just about any matter such as paint, you need to match the era. If you use fresh paint only found on models from this decade, it will greatly plume your vintage car of the impression you wish to have. Check out refurbishment magazines and websites during this procedure. They'll help you greatly while you go. Once regenerating your vintage car it's all important that you act it correctly in order to retain the respect and the signification of the vehicle.


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History and Stanley hand Tools

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How To Remove Rust From Old Tools Using Electrolysis (the quick and easy way)

In this how to video, I show you how you can use electrolysis to restore your forgotten, old, rusty hand tools.

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The history of Stanley hand tools goes back quite a few years with its founder being Frederick Stanley who set up his shop in Connecticut, the Stanley business largely succeeded because of the quality of its products and the ability to change with the times. The Stanley business was founded in 1843 and largely manufactured hardware, bolts and hinges.

The company continued to grow and although there were many companies profiting from the industrial boom at this time, it is documented that Frederick Stanley had a slightly competitive edge in the form of a high pressure steam engine which allowed him to go on and manufacture many new products including wrought iron straps.  This unique way of developing these products allowed Frederick Stanley to produce products in a very efficient way.

The company continued to thrive but as the years past, Frederick Stanley began to withdraw from the business somewhat preferring to engage in politics and civil affairs in New Britain.  The dramatic growth of Stanley continued however and this was largely down to William H. Hart who joined the company at the young age of 19 and at the age of 21 was on the board of directors.

Stanley was producing hardware in Germany by 1926 and in Sheffield in 1937, however the Stanley works like most companies of this time suffered and sales dropped. Another key member of the Stanley business was Donald W Davis who was responsible for directing and allowing the company to become more competitive in other markets.

During the 1970's, the Stanley Company took the opportunity to work within the Hand tool market, realizing the boom of the DIY market.  The company went on to have many ups and downs but always managing to come through difficult times with the help of many changes and acquisitions and the involvement of many different people over time.

This has largely benefited and maintained a strong company through the ages in both tough and booming economies.

Today Stanley hand tools are a large tool manufacturer which offers quality, versatility and wide ranges.  Stanley hand tools include carpentry hand tools, tool sets, measuring tools and many more. Other products are home improvement materials, professional materials and products for mechanics.  It is almost impossible to catalogue all of the products on offer but Stanley hand tools are renowned for the quality  they offer and the wide range of products available.





Question by Teri C: Is there somewhere I can post a picture of an antique and people tell me what it is? Have pictures of miscellaneous "found" items, i.e. a hand tool, an ornate brass can, etc. Would like an idea of what they might be in order to research them further.

Answer by gnomes31
The antique road show, if it is still on.

Dictionary of American Hand Tools: A Pictorial Synopsis (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Dictionary of American Hand Tools: A Pictorial Synopsis (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Here is the greatest assembly of hand tools ever assembled. It is a fascinating chronicle of nearly every tool ever used in North America, including ancient tools used by Native Americans; trade tools used to create coaches, pianos, ships, and saddles; tools for harvesting farm goods, turpentine, and ice; and tools for fine trades such as bookbinding and watch repair. The tools are organized according to profession, from Beekeeper to Wheelwright, and will fascinate todays practitioners of these trades and hobbies. This comprehensive volume includes more than 4,500 images from catalog illustrations, trade literature, and hand drawings. Descriptions provide dimensions and applications. This is a must have for the tool collector and antique dealer, as well as anyone fascinated by the means of production.

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What is hand tool?


What is hand tool?

When we talk about putting together a standard tool kit, the first thing that comes to our mind is a hand tool. Hand tools are the tools that are used for performing any type of home repairs by hand. A hand tool is a device for performing work on a material or a physical system using only hands. The hand tools can be manually used employing force, or electrically powered, using electrical current. Virtually every type of tool can be a hand tool and many have also been adapted as power tools, which get their motive power from motors or engines rather than from human mechanical action.

It's not just nostalgia that makes traditional hand tools appealing. The only fuel they need is muscle power, and they produce less dust and no noise. Good hand tools don’t let you take shortcuts; they force you to work more safely and thoughtfully. And the attention they demand just might make you work more skillfully.

Hand tools are often termed as DIY tools. These are used widely in all types of industries including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, automotive, plumbing etc. There are different types of hand tools in fact the list of hand tools is quite long as they are available in numerable shapes and sizes.

Eastman Impex produces hand tools which include anything from spanners to hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, punches, chisels, toolboxes, carpenter tools etc these are further categorized as woodworking hand tools and craftsman hand tools.

Raw material for producing Hand Tools

Hand tools manufacturer make use of a wide variety of metals and wood in its making. The common materials used in making the blades of hand tools are:

· Iron

· Steel

· Aluminum

· Brass

· Stainless steel

· Carbon steel

· Mild steel

The material used in making the hand tool handle is the wood. Sometimes plastic handles are also used.

Types of Hand Tools

· Manual Hand Tools: Manual hand tools are the most basic form of equipment. They do not require the speed of powered hand tools or do not have access to power sources but are perfect for operations. These include spanners and wrenches, hoes, screwdrivers, chisels, hammers etc.

· Pneumatic Hand Tools: Pneumatic hand tools perform the operation task at the push of a lever. They are powered by compressed air. They include chippers, drills, hammers, sanders etc.

· Power Hand Tools: Tools which are hand held but are powered by electricity. These include chainsaws, high grade motors, electric drills, angle grinders, jigsaw cutters, tappers, fasteners etc.

Apart from this, there are antique hand tools too which are most often extracted during archeology surveys. Given below is a list of the various popular hand tools used for different purposes.




Question by Josh H: Can you hand trace/tool/carve copyrighted designs for commercial use? Is it legal to obtain a copyrighted design or image and use it to trace the design onto a product and then hand tool/etch/carve the design the image for commercial uses? (Like for an antique style item, but with a new design.) Does the hand tracing still violate copyright laws? If it does then I'm guessing I'd have to contact the owner for rights to the image. Also, if I free hand an image is that a violation of copyright laws?

Answer by Vince M
The "copy" part of the word, copyright means that no one can copy the image, IN ANY FORM without the express permission (license) of the copyright owner. That's what copyright means.

Somehow, you have gotten the impression that if your "copying" is done by hand, rather than some mechanical means, it's okay to use it. Sorry, but you've been misinformed.

Here's a good source for copyright law and an explanation:

Beetle Shape Arabic Hand Antique Quartz Mechanical Chain Pocket Watch

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